Does Your Creative Process Ever Leave You Stressed Out, Frustrated, & Wanting More?

AND you need your creativity to be on point.  hello, your business depends on it.

Because, Even for Creatives, Sometimes Creating is Hard

Everyone hits a wall eventually. EV-ERY-ONE. Creative block, writer's block, content creator's block, burnout: It's a real thing.

It can actually change your brain structure and impact not only your creativity, but your problem-solving and working memory too. (Source:

And the harder you try, the more frustrating it gets, right?  What do you do when as a creative you no longer feel creative?   Or when life throws some gut-punches your way?

(OK, I'll speak for myself... Peanut butter, ice cream, and Netflix marathons might be involved to start with.)

But what if I told you there are things you can do right now to build the creative resilience you need to bounce back, break through, and build a business that thrives?  Even in the middle of crises and uncertainty.

That there are actual things you can do before and during times your creative flow stops flowing... That being consistently and confidently creative isn't just an Instagrammed daydreamUm, *waves hand furiously*, yes please.

Do any of these sound like you?  ⬇️ Yes?  Then, high-five, YOU, my friend are in the right place. 

You feel stuck creatively, but aren't quite sure how to bust out of that creative rut.

You went all in on your creative business, and now it feels like running the business part of what you do has hijacked & overwhelmed your creativity... & thanks, but you'd like your creative super powers back.

You'd like to learn what creativity is and how it works practically.  And self-discovery just might be one of your love languages. Where are my NFs and enneagram 4s at out there?

You want to increase your creative capacity for bouncing back from setbacks—  not just in business, but in life.

You'd love a toolkit & a strategy for turning creative blocks into breakthroughs. Because there are practical things you can learn right now to get ahead of creative obstacles.

friend, i 5000% hear you...  

You can create
with confidence, consistency, + courage

Unlock the Core Creativity Practices You Need to Bounce Back, Break Through, & Build a Business That Thrives

Introducing Creating STRONG: The First Masterclass in Creative Resilience Designed Especially for Creative Entrepreneurs

What if You Could Understand Your Inspiration Process, Overcome Creative Blocks, & Learn to Harness Your Creativity's Potential?

I'm spilling the secrets I've learned over 5 years of research on creativity & entrepreneurship for 1.65 Masters degrees, & lessons from more than a decade of nurturing my own creative practice while living in between continents and working in a literal war zone a world away.

What in the World is a BETA Class?

And Why Should I Be Pumped to Be a Part of It?

Beta Class. You are the brave, the intrepid, the early adopters, the ground takers and change makers...  

Let's chat about what makes BETA CLASS so special, and WHY I am releasing this course this way.

Beta class is a way that I can make the full content of this program available at a fraction of the normal price while I finish putting the finishing touches on each module's signature content.

(I'm assuming you don't want to see my grad school notes in raw scrawl. You really don't I promise. 😆)

You are a beta class member for the life of this course, with full access to every content upgrade that ever happens inside the course curriculum. Woot!
You get to have a front row seat as things develop, and become and integral part in shaping this journey.  Your feedback is GOLD.
Our Open Studio hours will be happening inside a Zoom call instead of the Facebook Group, so I can hear your real-time feedback, and offer a little more personalized creative coaching.
We will get the Facebook community rocking as well 2-3 weeks into the course. 
There may be a few rough edges, but they are super temporary. 
 Our Beta Class has its own special announcement section and feedback section right in the course itself. 

Have you ever wondered how a course gets built and why?  I'll be pulling back the curtain to give our Beta Class a behind the scenes look at this very thing in our Beta Behind the Scenes, where you can ask questions as things unfold.  

And if you want a bargain that will easily double your investment, this course will never be this price again.

Heck Yes, Sign Me Up

Because resilience itself is an art form.

The Lessons


How to get the most from this course.  Snag my course goal crushing Trello board + worksheet. What to expect from our time together. And a supply list that won't break your budget.


What is inspiration and how to lean into your creative intuition practically.  Understanding your inspiration process, and how to set up your business HeARTspark™ Journal.


Discover your signature voiceprint. Reframe your resilience narrative, embrace authenticity and explore practical exercises for finding your creative style.


Learn how to really "see" again and the crucial role play has in our creative process. Explore intuitive art exercises and how wonder is a KEY to innovation in your business


What is creative resilience, & how does it impact you in your business? Cultivate the heart of an explorer.  Build your creative strength kit using the STRONG framework.


Understand why creative blocks happen and the practices you can start now that will help you turn blocks into breakthroughs.


Myths and your creative brain. Learn how creativity works, keys to honoring your unique creative process, & developing a consistent practice


Mini-lessons on soul care, design thinking, welcoming uncertainty, curating space, embracing change, & a growing list of topics

• One or More Videos
• Written Notes
• Downloadable Presentation Slides
• My Signature HeARTspark™ Exercises
• Worksheets & Printables

++ PLUS ++

Really Cool Bonus Content (Duh) • Recommended Reading Library • Exclusive Resource Directory • Access for the Lifetime of the Course*

Private Facebook Community • All Future Course Updates • The 14-Day Gladness Guarantee*

Your investment of time & resources is a commitment.  And you want to make sure you're choosing the best option for where you are at.  I SO get that.  You don't want to invest your time and resources with just anyone.  Here are a few things that set this learning experience apart:

•  I bring over 20 years of educating and mentoring hundreds of creative leaders and organizations in 20+ nations around the world. 
•  The same creativity-building strategies that helped me grow the resources of the international development base I started in Africa  over 1000% in less than a year.
•  An MA in Organizational Leadership where I researched the core content of this course in a peer-reviewed, academic environment.
•  Experience starting multiple successful organizations, projects and initiatives over the last 2 decades.  And a few less than successful ones.  You get the benefits of ME having made mistakes as I honed resilience-building strategies so you don't have to.
•  I know what it is like to have creative dreams and have to make them happen on a laptop missing a few keys, with barely-there electricity and an art studio that had to fit in a makeup bag.
•  This course is the first and only of its kind that teaches resiliency and creativity-building resources to creative entrepreneurs that are based on field experience and academic research, with a healthy side of neuroscience. 

Let's just say I don't believe in teaching fluffy generalities.  Nope.  We are deep diving into actual practices that get results— for you AND your business.  And we are going to have a heck of a lot of fun doing it!

So, I Should Probably Introduce Myself...

What, We Haven't Met Yet?!?  Let's Fix That Right Now— I'm Michele

I'm a strategist & educator for creatives, and am super passionate about researching creativity,  living wholeheartedly, & understanding resilience.

 I help creative entrepreneurs nurture their creativity, nail their strategy & build brands that thrive from the inside out. I'm also an award-winning designer, mixed media artist and watercolorist.

Your ideas feel stuck and the blinking cursor on your blank screen seems like it is mocking you.

Life keeps throwing punches at your creative practice, and you'd like some moves to have your creativity punch back.

You KNOW you're creative, but you don't feel like you can figure out a way to be consistently creative in your craft.

You want top-shelf tools to discover and define your signature, one-of-a-kind, broke-the-mold, deep-down-authentic creative voice.

You neeeeed to find a way to stay creative... AND run a thriving creative business because the whole work-life balance thing is a unicorn.

You see other creatives who seem to be able to "just bounce back" better after each setback, and you'd really love to know their secret sauce.

You'd like to understand your inspiration process and how to nurture it into a virtually bottomless pool of content ideas. (I mean even the Mariana Trench has a bottom technically.)

You are in need of a creative breakthrough yesterday.

You want insider tips on how to leverage limited resources (hello art studio that had to fit in a makeup bag) into creativity gold. 

You want to have the tools you need to be able to lean into your creativity, intuition, and resilience in a way that helps you thrive in your business and your life.

Is This Course the Right Fit for Me?

Friend, I'm so not into one size fits all, because we both know that is not *ever* real-world, dressing-room true.  I want you to feel like this learning experience is custom-made and tailored just for you.  As in New-York-Fashion-Week-designer-dream-dress tailored.  So tell me  ⬇️

You are going to learn some gems & gain valuable practical takeaways.

The practices you learn will truly help you increase your inspiration & hone your creative practice.

This course is going to light up your creative practice and level up your creative process.

Get ready to have your creativity set on fire and begin to build the resilience skills you need to thrive.

I believe what 20+ years of international experience educating leaders has taught me, along with a Communications degree, an MA in Organizational Leadership, as well as select MBA studies, can create significant value for you as you grow your creative business. I believe that so much that this class comes with a 14-day glad-you-bought-it guarantee. I'll issue you a full refund  providing you show me that you have done the work. 

Because fair is fair, right?  The course only works if you give it a real try.  So if you are not glad you have purchased this course, show me you have completed at least through Module 4, and I'll happily issue you a refund.

  You Have My Gladness Guarantee

Harness Your Creative Superpowers for Less Than a Month of Starbucks Runs


You are getting to purchase this course at over 60% off in its Beta Session... at a discounted price that it will never be sold at again.  EVER.

When you buy in Beta, you will be enrolled and get your log in set up so you can get started on the available material, introduce yourself on the course platform, and start meeting the community.  

And This Isn't Just Any Course on Creativity

It is Researched & Crafted Especially for the Needs of Creative Entrepreneurs Just Like You

Some A's for Your Q's

Bring on the questions.  Here are a few questions I get pretty regularly (in case you might have them too).  If you have a question that isn't listed or want more information about one that is, don't hesitate to hop over here to get in touch and ask away.


I have trained leaders around the world in over 20 nations for 20 plus years.  From the deep bush of war-torn Africa to corporate management in South Asia as well as in the USA, Canada, Australia and Europe. 


I have my BA in Communications, & my MA in Organizational Leadership (with a research emphasis on creativity, entrepreneurship, & resilience). I also have 2/3rds of an MBA.  


This is the ONLY course in creativity and resilience researched and designed especially for the needs of creative entrepreneurs. And I GET it.  Because I am one.


You will have access to this course for as long as this course exists. Which I'm planning on being a very, very long time.

Plus you will receive every update and upgrade as this course rolls out... and be welcome to participate in any live group activities no matter when you enroll. 

I don't just want to create a course or great content, I'm passionate about building supportive community to go with it.  


I sure hope you love everything, but if it isn't a great fit for you— I've got you covered with my Gladness Guarantee.  You just need to show me you did give it a solid try, because it only works if you actually do the homework.  But the homework is FUN and the some of the best parts.  You wouldn't want to miss out on that!


It means you are getting the deepest discount that will ever be offered, in exchange for waiting for the content to roll out week by week.  It also means there may be a few rough edges that I will make sure get polished as soon as possible.

It ALSO means YOU become an integral part of the impact of our growing community.


This course content has not only be researched academically, I have lived out its reality for over 20 years. Seven of which were in an active conflict zone in one of the most difficult places on earth.

I'm not teaching you fluff and theory. I'm teaching you practical, fun, well-researched out content that will help you grow creatively and truly thrive from the inside out.

I seriously cannot wait to serve you.  As in, I feel like someone needs to pinch me so I know for sure getting to go on this journey with you isn't just a fantastic dream I'm going to wake up from.

Running after what sets your soul on fire doesn't mean you have to run solo.

Brave Soul, You don't have to Do This alone.  i'm cheering you on.


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Running after what sets your soul on fire doesn't have to be a lonely journey.

Brave Soul, You don't have to Do This alone.  i'm cheering you on.